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Babs van Bree

Babs van Bree – Singing

About Babs

“I want to try everything, experiment. You don’t necessarily have to be the best at everything you do, what matters is that you know what you want to tell.”

Babs van Bree was born on January 16th, 1992 in Grubbenvorst (the Netherlands). Even at a young age she would drag a chest full of costumes down from the attic and start performing songs and acting with her friends. At the age of twelve she started taking classical singing lessons from singing teacher Dorris van de Meerendonk.

In 2008 Babs auditioned for the MusicAll Factory in Tilburg where she got intensive training in singing, dancing and acting. For the first time she felt the thrill of being on stage.

Her interest for music kept on growing. After a year at the MusicAll Factory she traded the musical classes for weekly singing lessons with singing teacher Gé Titulaer. She also started following piano lessons.

After graduating high school Babs started studying music therapy. Though the lessons were very educational, after two years she decided to truly follow her heart by quitting her studies and auditioning for the conservatory. Currently Babs studies at the conservatory of Maastricht with Susanne Schneider and Sabine Kühlich.

Besides studying she regularily performs in many formations with different musical styles; An intimate concert in someone’s living room, a swinging big band accompanying her, or performing her own songs. Babs: “One of my musical highlights so far was writing and performing the theatre show ‘STERway to Heaven’ together with guitarist Vincent van Reen, pianist Willem Suilen, bass player Stef Joosten and drummer Mees Riechelman.”

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